WordPress + Magento Plugin


When people talk about blogging, there’s no way WordPress will not be mention among the best platform for blogging. The same is true with eCommerce. When you talk with eCommerce developers, Magento stands out as the platform for building storefronts on the web.

However, the two platforms is not easy to integrate. You can now show Magento blocks on WordPress post or page by using MWI plugin by James C Kemp. You could get the source to the MWI plugin at bitBucket.

Citation: Thanks to Sarah Gooding for her article on this one.


It’s no question about the popularity of Pinterest. Pinterest is the 4th highest traffic right now on the internet. This article gave some good points on how to use Pinterest drive traffic to your site even though you’re not active on Pinterest.


If you’re one of the earlier users of Microsoft products and you’ve just found out that FrontPage is no longer supported by Microsoft, you could try to download Expression Web by Microsoft as a replacement.


YouTube has recently announced the lowering of the subscriber count to be able to start YouTube Live Streaming.

It also allows custom thumbnails and external linking to annotations.

Responsive Web Techniques

Ethan Marcotte coined the word Responsive Web pertaining to the way web pages could be displayed across devices such as desktop, smartphones and tablets.

While Splashnology’s article maybe a little bit old in today’s standards, it contains several links to sites that adopted Responsive Web Design (RWD) as well as several slides from Slideshare on implementation of RWD.

Direct Link: Responsive Web Design: Helpful Articles, Techniques & Tutorials